Brood Angels Houses

Brood of Angels is not your normal tale of a medieval world of kings, queens, and simple magic, but the dark realm of supernatural angels, demons, and dragons as well—a place where humankind’s existence is in peril. Who will emerge to reign victorious? The Golonians, or Gols, angel-born Guardians of Light who have accepted the water-blooded humans as their equals? Or the Sodonians, Sons of Darkness, the fallen angels referred to as Sods who seek to have all who oppose them forced into servitude and subdued under their will?

House Names

House of Eagles
House of Owls
House of Ravens
House of Vultures
House of Nighthawks
House of Grizzlies
House of Morphs
House of Pelicans
House of Bats
House of Robins
House of Hawks
House of Flies
House of Pigeons
House of Hornets
House of Cranes
House of Falcons
House of Sparrows
House of Spiders
House of Gorgons
The Grolar Horde