The Second Book of a New Dark Angel Fantasy Novel is Scheduled to be Released Just in Time for the Summer

The second novel in the Brood of Angels book series entitled The Nature of Demons released date has just been announced. This highly anticipated, dark angel fantasy takes place in a magical medieval world full of angels, demons, dragons, humans and other gruesome beasties. It is full of whimsical, scintillating and crude characters who create a world tormented with trials and tribulations, taking readers on an emotional roller-coaster.

“It’s a story I’ve always wanted to tell, and I have always planned to do a trilogy,” Paul R. Tucker, author of the Broods of Angels, said. “And the support and love from the readers has fueled my creativity even more as I challenge myself to bring unique elements to this new world.”

The Nature of Demons picks up where Broods of Angels ended. The Sodonians a.k.a Sods is an evil race of dark angels who has drawn first blood in the Norophim Realm. Now the world is in a state of unrest. Therefore, the good angels and humans, called the Golonians a.k.a Gols, must figure out how to restore order amidst chaos, bloodshed, lust and love, while struggling with their own shady ambitions for control. In an ancient medieval time, an epic fight for absolute power and world domination leaves only one choice for the realm: war!

In addition to continuing stories from old characters, Tucker plans to introduce a host of new heroes and villains with familiar names through his adaptation of iconic surrealism. Considering the requests of thousands of readers and dark angel fantasy fans, Tucker may have added a few surprise characters. When asked “which ones?” Tucker smiled and replied, “I’m not going to tell. You’ll have to wait and read the book.”

Do we dare say Lucifer? But we don’t know for sure.

The Nature of Demons is scheduled to be released June 2024, just in time for the holidays, and its magical content is bound to help readers through those cozy winter days with a fantastical escape to a new fantasy world.

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