Dark Medieval Fantasy Music Unleashed – A Song from the Dark Angel Fantasy Novel, the “Nature of Demons” has Come to Life in a Musical Composition.

In the dark angel fantasy novel, the “Nature of Demons,” book 2 in the “Brood of Angels” series written by Paul R. Tucker, the song “Sa Oinvi” is depicted as an ominous and terrifying lullaby.

In the medieval fantasy world of the Norophim Realm, over the years, angel and human parents would sing “Sa Oinvi” to their children at bedtime and the haunting melody of the lyrics speaks of the disturbing qualities of the dreaded Angel of Death.

One verse tells of the Angel of Death’s wings of hell’s fire having a mind of their own, while other lines talk about his deadly touch that turns living beings to ash. The song also mentions the black abyss in his stomach that transports dead souls to an unknown, but presumably hellish place.

After the parents finished singing the lullaby, they would warn their frightened children that if they were not decent and moral, the Angel of Death would steal their breath and snatch their souls while they slept.

Throughout the book, the “Nature of Demons,” the song haunts the main character, Daniel of Eagles, who happens to be the reincarnation of the Angel of Death. Although the song is thousands of years older than the novel’s main character, each time Daniel hears the melody, he is reminded of his dreadful identity and feels uneasy that the people he vowed to protect fear him, although he believes his intentions are good. Or are they?

The author, Paul R. Tucker, wrote “Sa Oinvi”, but singer and composer, Federico Vogliolo from Argentina, worked with Tucker to give readers a sense of the melody and recorded an ominously addictive rendition of the song.

The “Nature of Demons” novel is scheduled to be released in Summer 2024, but current and potential readers can listen to the song “Sa Oinvi” at the link below.

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