The Angelic Magic also Known as the Tongued Words

In the wondrous Norophim Realm of angels, demons, dragons, elementals and Grolars, there exists a phenomenon that transcends the ordinary: angelic magic also known as the art of tongued words. Picture the perfect articulation, the delicate dance of sound waves through the air, carrying with them the essence of extraterrestrial languages. With a mere roll of the tongue, these words become a catalyst for marvels untold.

When spoken with precision, these ancient idioms awaken a dormant energy within the speaker, a divine spark waiting to be ignited. It is a connection to something beyond comprehension, a wellspring of power that flows from a celestial Source. With each uttered syllable, the very fabric of reality begins to shift.

Behold as words cease to be mere expressions and instead transform into conduits of invisible energy, swirling and pulsating with otherworldly force. This energy, once harnessed, becomes a formidable weapon, a shimmering blade of light cutting through the darkness of the unknown.

Through mastery of the tongued words, both in sound and in thought, one can ascend to unparalleled heights of supremacy. They become vessels of raw power, conduits through which the magic of angels flows freely. With each whispered incantation, they draw closer to the very essence of divinity itself.

But heed this warning: such power is not to be wielded lightly. For within the currents of angelic magic lies both guidance and protection, but also the potential for destruction. It is a force that obeys the will of its master, bending to their every command, even unto the brink of life and death itself.

So let the wonder of angelic magic guide you, protect you, and yes, even empower you. But remember always the weight of responsibility that comes with such mastery, for the line between light and darkness is but a whisper away.

“Opeleon,” he shouted. Burst.