The prophecy of the Anasheen speak of evolutionary breed of superhumans

The lore of the oracle named Hannah, the Anasheen, the Fourth, unveiled the prophecy of a wondrous kind—the birth of an evolutionary breed, the Anasheen proclaimed, where humans intermingled with celestial beings, birthing the illustrious Cherub Chosen Children. Foretold in the ancient scrolls, when these chosen ones conjoined, they would wield powers beyond mortal comprehension.

The prophecy, veiled in mystic enigma, portended the destiny of the Norophim Realm, resting upon the shoulders of these half-blood progenies—part human, part angel. They were destined to harmonize the ongoing turbulent conflict between water-bloods and fire-bloods, preserving equilibrium in the realm’s elemental balance.

Though diverse in nature, age and gender, these children bore a common mark—the insignia of the Chosen, three abstract sevens etched upon their brows, unseen by mundane eyes but vivid to celestial and elemental gazes alike.
Legends swirled around the origins of these marked children. Some whispered they were descendants of ancient fire-bloods and prophetic oracles like the Anasheen, while elders of the elemental order believed the Earth Mother herself birthed them into existence. Others yet spoke of enigmatic beings known as Virtues as their creators.

Yet amidst the miry mix of accounts, only the Anasheen’s decree held firm: The Chosen Ones embodied the future, and those who guided them would ascend to wield dominion over the world. Yet a somber warning lingered—a cautionary tale that if led astray by malevolent forces, their power could be twisted towards darkness and despair.

Only one question remains, who will control the Choses Ones?

“He who controls the chosen children shall rule the World..."- From the Lore of The Anasheen