The Fallen Ones

In a time preceding the reign of kings, in a primordial existence before worlds took shape, a rebellion erupted among the angels, known as fire-bloods, who dwelled in the heavens. This uprising stemmed from vanity, the craving for divinity, and the insatiable thirst for absolute power. The fire-bloods waged war, and from the brutal conflict, molten plasma cascaded upon a nascent planet known as Elemo (Earth or the Earth Mother). The skies wept in sorrow, and the descent of fiery celestial blood deformed landmasses, turned water as black as coal, and set the clouds ablaze with crimson flames.

In response, the two great divine entities known as “The Source Father” and “The Mother Creator” were dismayed by the desecration of the planet by the angels. Consequently, they banished all warring angels to Earth to mend the devastation they wrought and prohibited their return until their tasks were fulfilled. The Thrones, guardians of divine order, bound these celestial beings to Elemo, decreeing it their home until the Earth was restored to the satisfaction of The Source Father and The Mother Creator.

“Exiled from Grace”

Exiled from the heavens, the angels coexisted for millennia, constructing medieval cities, kingdoms, and castles, and even fashioning new life forms in their likeness from water and dust, including humankind. Their aim was to restore Earth to its promised splendor, christening the lands Norophim. Elemo, pleased with the progress, birthed its own creations known as “the Elementals,” imbued with consciousness to aid the angels and humans in nurturing the planet so that it could sustain all life within its realm.

For a time, harmony prevailed, and the angels grew fond of their creations and the Elementals. They interbred with them, giving rise to supernatural hybrids, creatures, and, at times, abominations. Yet, a faction of angels relished the adulation of humans and believed that angelic beings should reign as gods over all earthly entities. Thus, those who worshipped the “Fallen Ones” were relegated to servitude, treated not as equals but as slaves to their celestial masters.

Amidst debates, dissent arose among the angels regarding the enslavement of others, leading to the formation of two factions: “The Sons of Darkness” (Sods) and “The Guardians of Light” (Gols). The Gols advocated for equality, while the Sods demanded that all non-angelic beings serve them. This schism ignited another war, plunging the realms into turmoil once more.

The Wars of the Guardians