The Naltok: A Harsh and Brutal Test of Worthiness

The Naltok is a rite of passage and one of the perilous ways an angel can earn their wings and knighthood in the Norophim Realm. This grueling ceremony involves a brutal ritual where the selected challenger engages in a duel that often ends in death. Armed with swords and knives, chains and whips, clubs and axes, lives hang in the balance.

Before the duel, the challenger must first face the scrutiny of the people they aim to serve as a Knight. During this walk of judgment, the challenger is assessed by both angels and humans to determine their worthiness. The people either face the challenger in approval or turn their backs in disgust. If more people turn away than face the challenger, they are rejected. If approved, the challenger proceeds to the Naltok, which takes place in sacred arenas, cathedrals, and sanctuaries before a judging audience.

Here, the challenger’s opponent or opponents are revealed—formidable and often deadly foes. During the Naltok ceremony, honor itself is challenged as a myriad of evils and treacheries unfold, including sabotage, poisoning, dark magic, betrayal, mental manipulation, and the inclusion of otherworldly creatures that attack indiscriminately, adding chaos and bloodshed.

Over the years, the dangerous nature of the Naltok has ensured that only the most resilient, cunning, and pure-hearted could survive and earn their place among the knights of the Norophim Realm. Surviving the Naltok brings celebration and honor, but failure results in condemnation, banishment into the darkness of the world, or the challenger’s demise….

“Wings to Fly...Wings to Soar the Sky...But at Times, the Path to Flight may be Littered with Blood.."- From the Lore of the Anasheen