The Oracle, Hannah, the Fourth Anasheen

In the ancient land of Norophim, where mystical forces and ancient deities held sway over the lives of mortals, there lived a formidable Oracle known as Hannah, the Anasheen. Born under a blood moon in the shadow of Mount of Sodonia, Hannah was marked by fate from the very beginning. Her piercing violet eyes, a rare and ominous sign, were said to see beyond the veil of time and space, granting her visions and dreams of the future.

Hannah’s early years were spent in the secluded village of Patheria, where she was both revered and feared for her prophetic abilities. Her visions were not the benign glimpses of hope and prosperity that other Oracles provided. Instead, they were dark and foreboding, filled with images of chaos, destruction, and suffering. The villagers soon realized that her predictions were not mere warnings but inevitable truths. As her prophecies came to pass with chilling accuracy, whispers of her wanting to change the future for her our benefit and lust for power spread like wildfire.

Desperate to control the forces that seemed to flow through her, Hannah sought out the ancient texts of the Book of Numbers, Life, the Dead, and Powers, forbidden tomes that detailed the art of manipulating destiny itself. Within its pages, she discovered the secret to harnessing her visions to alter the future. However, this power came at a great cost. To manipulate the threads of fate, Hannah had to immerse herself in darkness, sacrificing her own humanity.

Here, the challenger’s opponent or opponents are revealed—formidable and often deadly foes. During the Naltok ceremony, honor itself is challenged as a myriad of evils and treacheries unfold, including sabotage, poisoning, dark magic, betrayal, mental manipulation, and the inclusion of otherworldly creatures that attack indiscriminately, adding chaos and bloodshed.

Driven by an insatiable desire for control and power, Hannah chose to embrace this dark path. She performed a ritual under the light of another blood moon, binding her soul to the shadows and becoming the Anasheen, a being of both mortal and ethereal essence. This transformation granted her unprecedented power over her visions, allowing her to not only foresee but also shape events to her advantage.

Hannah realized that to maintain and expand her power, she needed to manipulate not only the future but also the present. She orchestrated her own capture, spreading false prophecies that foretold of an impending disaster if she were not contained. The rulers of Gordon Prime, desperate to change the future events for themselves, imprisoned her in the Sunken Pits of Stone Grip Castle.

From within the dark confines of her self-imposed captivity, Hannah wielded her power with unmatched precision. Her cell became a nexus of power, a place where she could meditate and connect with the cosmic energies that fueled her visions. She manipulated the dreams and thoughts of those who guarded her, planting seeds of discord and ambition that would grow to serve her plans.

Despite her malevolent nature, Hannah the Anasheen held a twisted sense of justice. She believed that the world needed to be reshaped through destruction and rebirth, a cycle of suffering that would ultimately lead to a purer existence. In her mind, she was not a villain but a necessary force of change, guiding the world toward a destiny only she could see.

As the years turned into decades, Hannah’s power grew, and her influence became almost absolute. She remained a prisoner by choice, her dark fortress a testament to her control over fate itself. The world outside changed, but Hannah remained constant, an eternal force of manipulation and darkness. And thus, the legend of the dark Oracle, the Anasheen, lived on, a reminder that even in the deepest shadows, there exists a power capable of shaping the very fabric of reality.

I bared witness to many versions of the future with life and death colliding at a horrid intersection...But the most disturbing my prophecies was... the Angel of Death will kill us all..."